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Here's a detailed overview of the onboarding journey a creator can expect when partnering with mñch :


Application and Evaluation : The onboarding journey begins when a creator submits an application to join the mñch platform or is approached by the mñch team directly, mñch team will carefully review the creator's application, looking at factors such as the size and engagement of their community, the trust they've built through their content, and their potential for building a successful D2C brand.


Example : Krsna is a popular lifestyle vlogger with a strong following on social media, either submits an application to mñch, or receives an invitation from mñch to join their platform after catching the team's attention, showcasing her desire to create her own brand of sustainable fashion products.


Initial Consultation : Once creator's application is accepted, mñch will schedule an initial consultation. During this call, mñch will get to know the creator better, understand creator's content niche, and discuss creators goals for creating a D2C brand and explain how mñch works and answer any questions creator might have.


Example : After acceptance, Krsna has an introductory call with the mñch team to discuss her brand aesthetic, and how she envisions bringing her digital community into the real world through physical products that resonates with her audience, and the mñch team will also explains how their platform works and addresses any questions krsna has.


Brand Ideation and Conceptualization : After the consultation, mnch will collaborate with creator to brainstorm potential D2C brand ideas that align with creator's community interests and creator's personal brand, and explore product categories, design concepts, and market opportunities to identify the best-fit direction.


Example : Krsna collaborates with mñch to brainstorm potential D2C brand ideas that resonate with her personal style, values and audience, they decide on a brand focused on versatile, timeless clothing made from sustainable materials.


Financial Backing : With a clear brand concept in mind, mñch will provide the creator upfront funding to kickstart their brand's development, this funding covers product design, development, manufacturing, inventory, and operational expenses.


Example : Mñch provides Krsna with the necessary funding to create prototypes of her sustainable fashion products, covering the costs of materials, designing, and initial production, packaging, and initial operational costs. 


Product Development and Design : The next stage involves a close partnership with mñch's product development team. Together, mñch and the creator refine and infuse life into creator's brand products, These offerings will seamlessly resonate with creator's community, mirroring their brand's distinct identity and ethos.


Example : Krsna collaborates with mñch's designers to create a line of eco-friendly dresses, tops, and accessories, the products feature unique design elements that align with her style and the brand's sustainability focus. 


Marketing and Content Strategies : During Pre and post Launch, mñch's team of marketing experts will do and assist the creator in developing effective marketing strategies tailored to their brand and target audience, includes social media content and campaigns, influencer collaborations, and TV campaigns.


Example : Mñch's marketing team helps krsna plan a series of teaser posts on her social media platforms, showcasing behind-the-scenes glimpses of the product development process to create buzz.


Continuous Collaboration : mñch's relationship doesn't end after the launch, mñch will take care of the backend operations like product developments, inventory etc. to help cretor's brand evolve and succeed over the long term.


Example : Even after the launch, mñch continues to work with krsna to expand her product offerings, refine marketing strategies and products based on customer feedback, manage inventory levels to meet growing demand, other backend operations.

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